How to choose the right drone camera

We often get questions regarding our choice of camera and the relevance of a high pixel count. I will take the liberty to elaborate on this, mostly because it seems to me that there is a lot of misconceptions. Size matters, APS-C sensor quality The consensus in the world of photography is that Image quality […]

Precision agriculture utilizing UAVs

Precision agriculture utilizing UAVs With recent technology advancements in small UAS and with reasonable access to affordable sensors, the farmers and researchers of the agriculture industry are starting to adopt UAS technology.  In theory, it allows the user to access a precise location, observe it with a plethora of sensors, and create maps of multivariate […]

Search and Rescue (SaR) using UAVs

Search and Rescue (SaR) using UAVs When disaster strikes, and a person, or several, gets lost while exposed to life threatening conditions, Search and Rescue (SaR) teams might need to scan vast areas in search for evidence of victims. For this purpose, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) equipped with remote-sensing devices can be programmed to fly […]

Live Video and UAVs: Opportunities and Challenges

Live Video and UAVs: Opportunities and Challenges Lately, UAVs have become very popular both as professional tools and for recreation. In this blog, we will focus on how wireless video systems are implemented to give a First Person View (FPV) to the pilot remote controlling the UAV, or how to achieve live video streaming for […]

Is there such a thing as survey grade drones?

Every now and then I find myself in customer discussions being asked, – “How would you go about selecting a drone for surveying?”, “Is there such a thing as survey grade?”Good questions! I guess the answer to this is partly dependent on the task at hand, but there are at least a few generic points […]