Marketing Strategies

Understand and communicate with your market

Arctinc has helped several small to mid sized companies create, communicate, deliver, and exchange offerings that have value for customers worldwide. Marketing plays a critical role in any business. You can’t attract and keep customers without marketing. And you can’t make a genuine difference in your business without a solid plan. You need a comprehensive marketing plan, and that starts with the planning process. We analyze the company, customer profiles, competitors, distribution and market environment, do a SWOT analysis, define a value proposition and devise a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy extends into an action plan for brand recognition, media exposure and offering strategy. In doing so it’s crucial to understand this new era of diversifying consumer behaviorism and multi-channel thinking.

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Image Analysis projects

A picture is said to hold more information than a hundred words, - it is all a matter of extracting the information

Mineral raw flotation is a concentration process that can be used to separate any two different particles and operated by the surface chemistry of the particles. In flotation, bubbles are introduced into a pulp and the bubbles rise through the pulp. In the process, hydrophobic particles become bound to the surface of the bubbles. The process is controlled by the addition of flotation reagents, frothers, depressants and activators, air and water to the mineral pulp.

By utilizing Image analysis to efficiently describe various characteristics of the flotation froth it is possible to device control strategies using regulators to fine tune the ratio of mentioned additives. The Image analysis looks at characteristics such as froth thickness, flexibility, bubble density, bubble collapse rate, froth production and combinations of color statistics to describe mineral content and concentration. The system owned/developed by Arctinc is in use in numerous mineral concentration plants.

Arctinc also has systems for Rock fragmentation analysis on mineral conveyor belts, Circuit board inspection and Packaging inspection, but today, as Image analysis components are inherently complex and requires long lead times to develop, we specialize in helping companies finding and tailoring the most advantageous solutions available on the market.

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Organisation Analysis

Optimize your organisation's efficiency

Arctinc’s tool for organisation analysis has been developed in order to be able to see which parts of the organisation need to be strengthened. The result is helpful in finding out what it is important to concentrate on in order for the organisation to become stronger, and also functions as an instrument to evaluate the effects of implemented change. We use the process for reviewing the development, work environment, personnel, and operation of your business. We focus on the structure and design of the organization and how the organization’s systems, capacity and functionality influence outputs. We look at the value, or mission, that guides the organization, but also its operational capacity and support environment.

This tool has been used with any from small to large companies with excellent results regarding efficiency, growth capacity and cost savings.

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Business Development

Unlock your business potential

Business development entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations, and is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Sound simple?

Both in the development phase and the implementation phase, the business developer collaborates and integrates the knowledge and feedback from the organization’s specialist functions, for example, research and development, production, marketing, and sales to assure that the organization is capable of implementing the growth opportunity successfully. Sound easy?

With more than 20 years experience from business development, and many companies having utilized our capabilities successfully, we are here to support you with focusing on measurable, flexible, scalable and repeatable solutions. We help improve aspects of Key Account Management, Product Marketing strategies, Market Analysis, Competition Analysis, Distribution Network assessment, and Strategic Alliances identification.

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